When undertaking a survey of a conservatory, we may find that the desired alterations cannot be undertaken due to the design or condition of the existing structure.

For example, the roof might not be structurally designed to withstand a double glazed system, or the frames below might be rotten and beyond economic repair. If we find this to be the case, a new roof or wall panels would be necessary.

We understand that extensive and prolonged building work can sometimes feel intrusive, which is why O.G Conservatory Maintenance adopts a unique approach.

We will take detailed measurements of the existing conservatory which enables us to fabricate the new roof or frames in our workshop, we also have a spray booth facility to bring all new timber sections up to full decoration to the colour of your choice.

This means that when we return to your property, we will have all the necessary materials including the glass to complete the work, thus minimising the amount of disruption to your home life.

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